People are Inherently Good

Despite any dysfunctional patterns we may have picked up along the way, it is this goodness inside that is the essense of who we really are at our core. Any of the ways in which we have hurt others, hurt ourselves, or not reached our potential is the product of how we ourselves have been hurt, neglected, or discounted. As we heal ourselves we increase our ability to drop dysfunctional patterns and let our best and most genuine self manifest more clearly.

Our pasts should not define us



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What if you stopped beating yourself up about what you did or didn’t do? Perhaps you’d see what you can do. What if you stopped wishing that things were different from the way they are? Perhaps you’d see how to move toward the future you want by using the bounty of the present. What if you chose to let the past be the past? Perhaps you’d see the ripe possibilities of the future. Every ounce of energy that you spend attacking yourself is an ounce of energy that’s diverted from your growth. I love to help people be in the presence of right now, where they can see that life is an endless chain of choices and possibilities.

Mind and Body are Connected

Moreso in recent years, with all the progress in brain research, it has become increasingly clear that there is a strong connection between the mind and the body. What goes on in the mind (i.e., our patterns of thinking) influences the body, and what we do with our bodies influences our feelings and emotions. Rather than being separate and distinct from each other, this inter-relationship between mind and body can be used to our benefit. Slowing down helps us focus this awareness. Therapists can be helpful by encouraging clients both to really feel their bodies, and to carefully track the internal processes that result in distress.  I believe that we all deserve a life of vitality and that we have the internal potential for health. I take a holistic-thought approach to helping you tackle whatever brings you to therapy, from many different angles when appropriate.

Life is in this Present Moment

Each moment offers a fresh look at how we feel and what meanings we are creating out of our circumstances. It is true that understanding our past can be helpful in identifying the nature of the dysfunctional patterns that still affect us. But it is the stories about our past that we continue to tell ourselves in the present that most affect how we currently feel. By becoming mindful of our present experience we can best identify what choices might help us improve our lives.

You are the Ultimate Authority of Your Experience

Each person has an inner voice that speaks his or her truth. Others may have hunches about what is true for you, but only you can decide what describes your experience. When a therapist genuinely works to understand his client as a unique individual, that client is free to deepen their own self-understanding and engage in the healing process of self-discovery.