"The idea of therapy isn't to give people answers, or lead their longing into a safe, dull, protected harbor, but to make people aware of the depths of possibility in their hearts and lives; to help them remove the barriers that keep them from being the people they were meant to be."                                                                                                        — John O'Donohue



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Coming to therapy is, initially, can be a vulnerable experience, and I understand that and try to be in that with you, to make it a process we go through together.  I want to get to know you, and will be present with you to help us track your experience of feelings, thoughts, and reactions in the moment. These pieces can gives us lots of deep level information about "what makes you tick," which can in turn, help you move forward.  I am both direct and empathic, and I work from a stance of sensitivity, respect and curiosity.


I am an active and collaborative therapist.  Using an approach to healing that is individualized to your needs, I work to embody an authentic, affirming, and emotionally engaged presence.  I see each person as a unique individual, often with uptapped strengths, capacities, and potential.  You deserve patience and understanding. I believe there is an inborn place of truth and goodness in all of us, like a well that is waiting to be tapped. From this place, our behaviors and what has happened to us in the past do not have to define us, but instead can be transformed into a source for wisdom and courage.   


The model of therapy I practice is focused on not just talking about what is happening in your life, but exploring your experience of what is happening in your life.  A fundamental part of having an experience is your feelings and sensations inside.  One thing I'm going to be focused on is being in touch with your feelings, rather than ignoring them, discounting them, or staying disconnected from them.  The reason I focus on your experience, within all of the words, is because the key to untapped resources and the capacity for transformation lies deep inside.  It's not that cognitive insight and intellectually-driven behavior changes can't help. But deep experiencing can help you operate as your strongest, most authentic, and best self.  It often involves sharing and processing feelings that are causing or related to painful issues, while simultaneously working to strengthen the places where you are strong and capable, courageous and good.


I celebrate differences and strive to maintain a treatment approach that deeply honors and enhances who you are.  What I see that helps people to heal, change and live better is having a different, deeper, and more mindful experience of themselves in the world. Therapy helps facilitate this process within the context of an authentic and trust-filled relationship where you feel safe and comfortable, seen and understood, so you can have the experience of doing something positive and growth-inspiring for yourself.