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We all face periods in our life when we feel broken, unable to cope, or challenged by life in some way. Recovery is a unique opportunity for personal growth and change.  My role is to listen to and understand you and your life experiences and to embrace your goals, whatever they may be, in order to help you achieve a more confident, fluid and satisfied way of being in the world.


Have you have been feeling stuck in cycles of unhappiness, anxiety, anger, fear, fatigue, pain, dread, arguments, negative patterns or sabotaging behaviors?  Is a current situation or stressor in your life impacting your ability to cope?  Are you in a relationship that is bringing up difficult feelings or behaviors that you can’t figure out how to deal with?  Have you tried to "tough it out" or "suck it up and put on a happy face," but still feel the same inside?  Keep hoping that these patterns would eventually change, but they haven’t...?   


You don't have to be alone in this time of challenge. If a little voice inside yourself is saying "do something about this," trust yourself and get the support you deserve.  I believe that we are all born into this world as good and healthy human beings. Ultimately life's stressors and overwhelming traumatic experiences alters us in such a way that we lose our sense of security in the world, shielding ourselves from hurt and pain, so much that our nervous system becomes out of balance. However, we know now, through neuroscientific research, that the human mind holds the potential for great change. I believe that we all deserve to have a meaningful and purposeful existence and emotional balance. Psychotherapy can offer you the guidance and healing support to help you get there. I'm happy you found this website, and invite you to explore the information within these pages. 

The Center for Recovery & Growth is a psychotherapy practice founded on the principle that change is most lasting when it emerges from the center of your being and healing takes place from the inside out. Using a research-based approach to interpersonal psychotherapy, my goal is to help my clients to achieve their full potential by re-connecting with their inherent capacity for strength, vitality, and connection to their authentic core-self.  Most people who come for therapy here discover ways to improve their capacity to cope with stress and anxiety, increase self-esteem, 
break ties to negative thinking, improve their ability to relate with others, feel less alone, live more compassionately, and gain the ability to live life more skillfully and joyfully.


Located in Chicago, Illinois, I have two office locations. See more information here:   CONTACT ME.  

If you have never tried therapy before, I would suggest starting out by reading the Q&A page first. If you are familiar with psychotherapy process and are seeking a new therapist to work with, I suggest starting out by reading ABOUT the way I practice and what I have to offer. 

If you would like to talk to find out if therapy can

be a good step for you and if I can help you reach

your goals, please feel free to email or call me.




Human brains are hardwired to heal, change and grow within healthy relationships. Therapy is a road of self-exploration and discovery that we travel together. My role is to guide you, using my caring, genuine, empathic and non-judgmental approach. Growth occurs naturally and sometimes quite spontaneously through that process.  READ MORE HERE.